Sneak Peek in my Cart!

Okay – I admit it. I’m an Etsy addict…

Not only do I dedicate a ridiculous amount of hours on Etsy (daily) maintaining my own store – but I like to shop there as well. I’m often amazed at (not to mention constantly coveting) many gorgeous goods on offer… Seems Etsy is
full of sellers with bucketloads of talent!

And with that, here’s a sneak peek into my shop cart. Each of the featured
items shown arrived on my doorstep – much to my excitement and glee!
I adore each of them – they are unique, well-made, quirky, gorgeous, fun and
of course, the sellers were fantastic to deal with!

1. Peacock feather headband, blacksatinshoes
2. “Reversi” sterling silver hoops, ElunaJewelry
“Starry Night” Vincent van Gogh resin ring, adelles
4. Light blue crocheted elephant, fireflycrochet
5. “The Zippy” headband,
6. “Circles and stems” doodle wallet, aprilsoriginals
7. “Red paisley” doodle wallet,
8. Hand-Crocheted apple cozy, UnravelMe
“Mr T” cross-stitched fridge magnet, DefiantDamsel


9 responses to “Sneak Peek in my Cart!

  1. Thanks for featuring my earrings. I as so glad you love them .

  2. You have some great buys! I like a lot of them.

  3. These are some great picks!!!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me, I’m very honored! I love Etsy too, I tell everyone I know that they should look first to Etsy for gifts before going to the mall. There really is so much to offer, and I am always astounded at the level of talent! Rock on Etsy!

  5. Sweet! Thanks so much for the feature!

    That elephant is making me squeal…it’s too cute 🙂

  6. Thanks for featuring my ring! I’m so glad you liked it! I facebooked this page …

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  7. That is so cool that you are sharing your purchases! I think I need to share the same in a blog post this week!

  8. greetings from Sydney! i’m liking your blog, I bookmarked it 🙂 oh, and checkout my shop too, please, if you haven’t already stumbled upon it.

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