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Coming soon to LisbonSky

My latest jewelry obsession are sparkly and shiny, faceted crystal briolettes!
They’re so versatile  and look soooo gorgeous on everyone!

This week, I created a custom peach crystal briolette bracelet & earring set for a friend’s birthday present. She’s a real girl’s girl and I knew she liked girly pinky tones – so I chose this peachy / blush pink crystals for her (see below).

I was quite pleased with the results as I’ve never made a bracelet like this before… And who can resist pretty, sparkly and shiny objects, right??  ;P
Anyway, I hope to make some more for my LisbonSky range in the next few weeks so – watch this space!


Home decorating and other crafty projects

I recently had a 3-week break from work (office job) over the Christmas / New Year holidays. I looooved it as my hubby and I spent some time at the gorgeous Bryon Bay & Ballina in a luxury resort (more photos later) – but I also had the opportunity to finally finish a few craft projects that had been hanging around for months!

One of these projects is my ‘crazed button’ wall artwork (as the hubby refers to it) which I intended for our bedroom as we had large blank walls. Basically the artwork is pop-art inspired and involved making & mounting hundreds of buttons in crazy bright colors! I love cute fabrics and have quite a collection – so it’s great to finally use them! (see top & bottom left photo)
… Now our bedroom is very cheery, indeed!

Still on the subject of the bedroom decorating, my brother-in-law gave me an awesome Georg Jensen ‘Memory Board’ (key rack) for Christmas. But since I only had one set of keys that I carry in my handbag – I thought the rack is perfect for displaying my treasured necklaces and rings! (see bottom right photo) … Thanks Chris!  🙂