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Statement Necklaces: Katy and Carla

There’s something very alluring about having a beautiful statement necklace decorating one’s decolletage. The right piece can turn a plain and boring outfit into something glam, funky or edgy.

I adore necklaces and have an extensive collection at home. Rarely a day goes by when one isn’t around my neck… so it’s only fitting that the most popular items in my Etsy and Madeit shop are – that’s right, you guessed it – necklaces!

My newest pieces are the “Katy 3D butterfly charm necklace” and “Carla Swarovski crystal & silver-plated Infinity necklace”.

Katy is statement vintage-style necklace featuring a large butterfly with intricate 3D cut-out wing detailing. Carla is elegant and chic, featuring a sparkly silver-plated ring infilled with swarovski crystals (which look like tiny diamonds) and suspended by a delicate silver-plated chain. Both necklaces look great with casual and dressy outfits!

Find Katy on Etsy or Madeit
Find Carla on Etsy or Madeit


Coming soon to LisbonSky

My latest jewelry obsession are sparkly and shiny, faceted crystal briolettes!
They’re so versatile  and look soooo gorgeous on everyone!

This week, I created a custom peach crystal briolette bracelet & earring set for a friend’s birthday present. She’s a real girl’s girl and I knew she liked girly pinky tones – so I chose this peachy / blush pink crystals for her (see below).

I was quite pleased with the results as I’ve never made a bracelet like this before… And who can resist pretty, sparkly and shiny objects, right??  ;P
Anyway, I hope to make some more for my LisbonSky range in the next few weeks so – watch this space!

Finally took the plunge and started my own blog!

Okay here comes nothing! … Giving this blog thing a fair go – even though it might get neglected later.

I did manage to whip up a new banner for the blog, though! 🙂
Spent a couple of hours on it, much to the hubby’s dismay (oops!). So glad I could use the same new banner for my Etsy and Made It stores too! I’ve been meaning to re-do them for ageees – I was so sick of the old one.

Hmmm… Let me see if I can post the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics… stay tuned!